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Users wishing to get more timely feed updates should download the FeedTree proxy:

Download the proxy application for your operating system from the links at right. (Linux users: choose the "jar+publisher" download option.) Extract the contents of the download archive to your computer.
Be sure that your computer is accessible from the Internet on port 29690.
Start the FeedTree proxy:
  • on Windows, double-click FeedTreeProxy.exe
  • on Mac, double-click FeedTree Web Proxy.app
  • on Linux, double-click ftproxygui.jar or run java -jar ftproxy.jar
Configure your feed reader to use the HTTP proxy: localhost port 8501; see ProxySetup for detailed instructions.
Read your feeds as usual. If you tell your feed reader to poll feeds more frequently, you should start seeing news updates faster. Check out http://localhost:8500/ for status on your proxy.

For detailed usage instructions, see FeedTreeProxy. And once you're a FeedTree user, you might consider joining the feedtree-users mailing list to discuss the system and get help.

Publishers of RSS and Atom feeds can optionally run the FeedTree publishing tool, which ensures immediate distribution of your updates (and can also sign those updates for authenticity). The "jar+publisher" FeedTree distribution (download link above) contains this software; see FeedTreePublisher for complete instructions.